“He sighed, and looked towards the sky.”

Hey guys, 

Day 3 of NaBloPoMo. I’ve probably packed a few too many ideas into a short piece. That said I’d like to think it gives the main character some depth. Let me know what you think. 



He sighed, and looked towards the sky. Though it had been unexpected for Carl, this certainly wasn’t a bad outcome. Gazing across the city with its over bearing towers glistening in the sunlight Carl attempted to take it all in. Only a few more months of this then he thought. Then who knows what the view would be. A new job would bring all kinds of new perspectives, not least a new angle to the metropolis. Peering down at his weather beaten brogues, Carl decided he would also need new shoes. In fact, life would have to be refurbished in a number of ways if Carl was to really get on.

Carl realised he should tell Samina. She’d be worrying. And of course Luke. But that could be done later. If at all. He pulled out his phone. ‘Message from Samina’ read the lock screen. Carl couldn’t help but grin. He looked back at his colleagues. They were too busy laughing away over lunch to pay much attention to what he was about to say. He pressed call and Samina answered the phone almost immediately:

“Did you get it then? Tell me already!” Samina’s excitement was spilling over on to Carl.

Carl beamed: “Yes! Yes I did!”

“I told you! I’m so pleased for you Carl; it’s just what you needed! We have to celebrate!” Something about being in the closing years of her twenties made Samina want to squeeze every last bit of party animal from her soul.

Carl tugged at his tie. It had been ages since he was last out. “Yeah, I suppose we should.”

“Come on Carl! It’ll be fun. I’ll round-up the guys.”

“Thanks Samina.”

“Keep Friday free. It’ll be a messy one!”

“Let’s just try to keep it low-key?”

“Not a chance! Ok got to go, the new office boy wants me. Bye hun, and well done again, love you!”

Carl chuckled. Bless Samina he thought. Over the years she had been there through it all. His dad’s untimely departure, the accident and the mess with Luke that followed. What to do with Luke, Carl wondered. Six months on and he hadn’t left the flat. Worse still, Matt had practically moved in. It wasn’t what Carl had wanted for his life at all. But now he could leave Luke to it. Not that Luke could ever foot the rent alone.  Nonetheless it didn’t make sense for him to go on living in south when he would now be based in west. This was perhaps more change than Carl had envisaged for today.

Carl looked over and saw Lucy heading towards him. He set out to meet her midway, still wondering how Luke would react, all his security disappearing. Matt would of course be pleased. But for how long? How long could Matt really deal with Luke’s insane quest to push life over the edge? Carl’s own inability to cope with this had led to their demise and Matt’s arrival. After the accident Carl was loath to lead such a hedonistic lifestyle. Carl needed to preserve life. But for Luke it had plunged him into “live life and die young” mode.

Thanks for reading. You can view my friend’s piece with the same prompt here


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